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Friends, and professionals in their fields, Laura (the actor) and Saskia (the artist) are the Playmakers!

Playmakers is a holiday club combining both drama and arts & crafts for the
super arty children. 



Meet the Playmakers!

Hi, I'm Saskia

I love all things arts and crafts!

Saskia is a visual artist. Having trained in figurative painting in London, she has since exhibited across the country and her artwork is in private collections internationally. 

Having pursued her love of painting later in life, she is passionate about children being able to have that creative outlet. Whether it be drawing, painting, printmaking or sculpture, she believes involvement in these activities is crucial to imagination, self-expression and creativity. These are all useful skills for children to develop for later life! Art allows them to explore feelings and to process what they have learned in a safe, reflective way. 

“Art promotes creativity. Creativity is the ability to think outside the box, to string unrelated ideas together in a new way. Solutions to problems and breakthroughs of all kinds are linked to creativity.”



Hi, I'm Laura

I love all things drama!

Laura is an award winning actor who trained at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She has performed in theatres across the UK and toured America, including New York. She also works in voiceover and film.

Her other huge passion is working with children. After the first lockdown she worked at Honeywell School for a year, creating a syllabus of drama classes to help boost confidence and improve mental well-being in young children.  Due to the success of these classes, Laura now runs a regular after-school drama club at Honeywell. 

“Helping boost a child’s confidence is what drives me to keep doing what I’m doing. Watching a child grow from not participating in class to getting up in front of everyone and performing is the biggest achievement. The acting techniques and tools they will learn will carry them forward for the rest of their life!”

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